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Remote Cache

Bzl has a built-in fast and lightweight gRPC remote cache implementation. To start the cache:

$ bzl cache

By default, bzl will create a filesystem directory at $USER_CACHE_DIR/bzl/remote-cache and maintain the cache with a max-size of 10GB, evicting blobs on an as-needed basis using Least Recently Used (LRU) semantics.

To use the cache, invoke bazel with the remote_cache flag as follows: --remote_cache=grpc://localhost:2020.

Alternatively, put this on your ~/.bazelrc file:

build --remote_cache=grpc://localhost:2020


Optional CLI flags can be provided ti change the bind address, filesystem directory, or maximum size of the cache:

bzl cache --help
start the remote disk cache

  bzl cache [flags]

      --address string    bind address for the remote cache. (default "grpc://localhost:2020")
      --dir string        base directory for the disk cache.
  -h, --help              help for cache
      --max_size_gb int   size in GB for the disk cache. (default 10)

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