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Default Workspace

By default the default workspace is displayed as a table:

You can also view it as a tree (button at upper right):

Other buttons:

  • [All Rules]: show all rules defined in the workspace. Caution: this can trigger a large bazel query and take a while to complete.
  • [Repository Rule]: show the repository rule where the workspace is declared. Relevant for external workspaces.
  • [Open]: open the workspace in your IDE.
  • [Run]: build/test/run arbitrary targets command in the workspace.
  • [Build All]: build all targets in the workspace.
  • [Test All]: test all targets in the workspace.

External Workspaces

Select the External tab to view the list of external workspaces. This is similar to running bazel query //external:*:

The table view restricts the list to ones not declared in @bazel_tools//.... If you’d like to view the complete list, use the tree view:

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